Children’s Book

Students from Sa-Hali Secondary and Pacific Way Elementary met on Feb 5th to begin planning on a set of children’s books.  The grade 10 students spent time in the grade 3 classroom enjoying some icebreaker activities.  The students built spaghetti towers, played word games, and enjoyed some Rice Krispy squares.  The morning concluded with the older…

Innovation Grant Summary

The Sa-Hali family of schools is proud to be a part of the K-12 Innovation grants through the Ministry of Education. Our project is to support the collaboration of teachers and students in a variety of project based learning tasks.  We believe that by allowing for collaboration and meaningful activities, students will demonstrate critical thinking, creativity,…

McGowan visit

Students from McGowan Elementary traveled to Sa-Hali Secondary to interact and plan their children’s books. The student interviews for the children’s book went well. The students really seemed to enjoy the day and highlighted that it was a positive experience.  The younger students enjoyed the process of writing the stories and in seeing the finished product….

Innovation Project

To focus on project-based learning that supports elementary, secondary and university teachers co-designing and implementing cross curricular learning tasks and appropriate evaluation tools. Areas of focus include enhanced student learning, building teacher capacity, utilizing innovative practices, connecting with the community, and deepening our learning network.